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Washington Post: Asian Americans Struggle to Deal with Depression

depressionMany Asian Americans are less inclined to seek out mental health care and therapy that they might need, due to an apathetic attitude towards mental health issues, as well as a relative lack of information about available mental health care.

As stated in the Washington Post, according to 2007 data derived from the National Center for Health Statistics, Asian American females ages 15 to 24 were second only to Native Americans in their rate of suicides. Professor Hyeouk Chris Hahm of the Boston University School of Social Work cited a lack of faith in medication and psychotherapy.

“What they are telling us is that they don’t think that psychotherapy, which is designed for white Americans, really works for them,” said Hyeouk Chris Hahm, an associate professor at the Boston University School of Social Work.

You can read the story of 14-year old Wynne Lee and how she overcame her thoughts of suicide in the Washington Post.




  1. RE: Asian Americans struggle to deal with depression: Depression is a condition that should not be left uncontrolled in no way. Teenagers are very susceptible to depression and parents should pay more attention at any unusual behaviours of their kids. Cuts are very common and it is visible sign that your child needs professional help.

  2. Hey,
    I feel lonely aswell, I also feel like no one cares about me and I'm just a waste of space. but this loneliness makes me think that none of my friends like me and I'm just here to be judged and at times I do feel like saying goodbye to the world this has also made me lose interest in my favourite hobbies and also i don't like most foods anymore, not sure If this is depression if it is please tell me.


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