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Multiracial Asians More Likely to Identify as White

posted by Randall

A wide ranging study by the  Pew Research Center found multiracial Asians are more likely to identify as White.

That’s just one of the findings which also revealed that multiracial Americans are growing at a rate three times faster than the general population. Since 2000, when the U.S.Census starting allowing respondents to check more than one racial category, the percentage of multiracial Asians has increased 87 percent.

The study used a wider definition of multiracial than the U.S. Census. Under the Pew Research Center study, anyone with parents or a grandparent from a different racial background was classified as multiracial.

Biracial adults who are White and Asian feel they have more in common with Whites, (60%) than with Asians (33%). They are also more likely to feel accepted by Whites than Asians and have closer contact with family members who are White.

Mixed-race Asians are just as likely as single race Asians to say they have experienced discrimination.

You can read how the findings about multiracial Asians compare to other multiracial groups in the Pew Research Center study.

Are you multiracial?  How do the findings compare with your own personal experience? Share your stories below.





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  1. Matthew Brien Kenji Ota says:

    I identify myself as Japanese American, since my father was a nisei.

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