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NY Times: NYPD Investigating Attacks on Asian Women as Bias Crimes

NY Attack suspect targets Asian womenA fourth victim has been attacked in a series of incidents targeting Asian women, reports the New York Times.

Police are investigating the incidents as a bias crime.

In the latest attack, the suspect threatened to rape his victim in a message that was written in Chinese on his cell phone, according to a story in DNA Info.

“It was written in perfect Chinese,” said a person who witnessed the attack.

The suspect was standing outside Paragon II Cleaners on Mulberry Street in New York when he held the message up to a window and showed it to a female clerk. That clerk asked the man to leave. He did, but returned 20 minutes later. She asked him to leave again and that’s when he struck her in the face with a hard object concealed in a plastic bag.

It’s the same way the same suspect is believed to have attacked three other women. The latest victim was treated at the hospital and released.

You can read reaction in the neighborhood in the attack in the New York Times and in the video below from NBC New York.


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