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LA Times: Emmy Contender Randall Park on Eddie Huang, Constance Wu and The Interview

Fresh Off the Boat
There’s been a lot of buzz on social media about Fresh Off the Boat star Constance Wu possibly being nominated for an Emmy.

Add her co-star Randall Park to that list. Park was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times as part of Glenn Whipp’s series of interviews with Emmy contenders.
During the interview, Park poked fun of Wu and touched on author Eddie Huang’s concerns the show has sugarcoated his life story. He understands Huang’s concerns.
“It’s tough. I couldn’t imagine having your life story put out there and to not really have control over how its put out there. So I understand where he’s (Eddie) coming from,” said Park.
“I know for a fact that he gets the significance of the show and he understands the importance of it. I just hope one day he looks back with pride. It wouldn’t have happened without him, his story and his honesty. So we’ll see if that day comes. We hope it does ”
Park is known to enjoy an occasional trip to the karaoke bar, but admits he’s not very good especially when compared to Wu.
“It actually like makes karaoke kind of suck. You know, its like she’s a pro and then all of us don’t want to sing anymore. We had fun up til when she started singing. and then we all felt horrible about ourselves,” joked the laughing Park. “But she’s great. She’s so talented.”
Park also made light of the controversy surrounding The Interview and worries that North Korea would retaliate due to its concerns about how its supreme leader Kim Jong Un was portrayed by Park.
“Before I knew it I was in hiding under my bed. It was very strange. Then turning on the news and literally every second of the day seeing my face. They be talking about Kim Jong Un, but they’d use a photo of me from the movie and they’d not even mention the movie. They’d just talking about Kim Jong Un , I’m like do they know, that’s not Kim Jong Un, that’s me.?
You can watch the entire interview below and hear Park’s thoughts on giving his daughter the talk about the birds and the bees, his parents unusual reaction to his success and the crazy thing he did when The Interview premiered.


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