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Asian Americans Are Not Your Ally, Dylann Roof

Dylann RoofInvestigators say the man accused of killing nine African Americans in a historic Black church in Charleston is behind a racist manifesto that condemns Blacks, Jews, and Hispanics and makes a disturbing reference to those he calls East Asians and Northeast Asian races, reports the Washington Post.

The site outlines the disgusting and twisted thinking of Dylann Roof, the domestic terrorist under arrest for the violent hate crime.

Frankly, the manifesto left me numb and wanting to vomit. How do you react to something like this? Perhaps I shouldn’t be wasting time worried about the twisted mind of a man accused in the killing of nine human beings. For some reason, I couldn’t, I couldn’t just walk away. Yet I didn’t know how to react.

The Huffington Post published the full manifesto.

Roof says Blacks are the “biggest problem for Americans.” He refers to them by the “N” word and describes them as “stupid and violent.”

He says the issue with Jews “is not their blood, but their identity. I think that if we could somehow destroy the Jewish identity, then they wouldn’t cause much of a problem. The problem is that Jews look White, and in many cases are White, yet they see themselves as minorities.”

Roof condemns Hispanics as a “huge problem for Americans” while at the same time saying there are good White Hispanics “worth saving.”

“It is a well known fact that White Hispanics make up the elite of most Hispanics countries,” he writes. “There is good White blood worth saving in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and even Brazil.”

As an Asian American, it was Roof’s comments about the Asian community that left me feeling helpless the most.

“I have great respect for the East Asian races,” Roof’s manifesto reads. “Even if we were to go extinct, they would carry something on. They are by nature very racist and could be great allies of the White race. I am not opposed at all to allies with the Northeast Asian races.”

“Great respect?” WTF. It’s the kind of backhanded compliment I could do without. It’s carrying the model minority trope to the extreme. What about the Asian community does he find “very racist?”

It’s no secret society is made up of bigoted people from all ethnicities and nationalities. Asian Americans certainly have their share of prejudiced people who make offensive comments about Whites, Blacks, Hispanics and Jews. Asian Americans have also been used as a wedge by conservatives as a means to divide various minority communities. Unfortunately some Asian Americans have been willing to cooperate with their recent lawsuits opposing affirmative action. Headlines across the country proclaiming College Admission Advisors Work to Make Asian Kids Less Asian , Asian American Groups Accuse Harvard of Discrimination, and Asian Americans Deserve Better in Ivy League Admissions. .

Never mind that 135 Asian American groups came out in support of affirmative action the same day the lawsuit was filed. Never mind that poll after poll finds Asian Americans overwhelmingly in support of affirmative action. Those facts don’t fit the narrative that Asian Americans are being screwed by affirmative action the same way White people are being screwed.

Don’t waste your time, Dylann Roof. Asian Americans are not your allies. We don’t want anything to do with you. Your nonsensical perverted thinking does not resonate in the Asian American community. We reject you and all you stand for.


  1. RE: Asian American are not your ally, Dylann Roof: Amen…interesting that msinstream media would post that racist post it note by two escaped convicts, but not report on this racist rant by Roof.

  2. RE: Asian Americans are not your ally, Dylan Roof: The lawsuits have to do with the fact that Asians statistically have to score higher than the dominant majority (white) students to gain admissions in schools. There are tacit quotas limiting Asians and propping up the dominant majority, similar to the quotas for Jewish students a generation ago.

  3. RE: Asian Americans are not your ally, Dylann Roof: News flash, he’s talking about Asians in Asia, not Asian Americans. And yes anyone who has traveled there knows they are quite racist and think nothing of it.

  4. RE: Asian Americans are not your ally, Dylann Roof: So it’s racist to fight against so-called positive discrimination? That’s what affirmative action is. Let me ask you this, where were the white liberals when black people burned down Koreatown in the Rodney King riots? That’s right, they were condoning the willful and racially targeted looting. White liberals use asians as a wedge in their political games just as often as white conservatives.

    I am SICK AND TIRED of being attacked by white liberals, white conservatives, blacks, latinos, and self-hating asians. It seems that asian people just can’t be left the hell alone. We always have to be drawn into some stupid dispute between one of the three major racial groups in America (blacks, latinos, and whites). The hell with that. Let those race obsessed morons slug it out between themselves. We asians have nothing to apologize for. We never enslaved blacks, we never stole California from latinos, and we’re treated like shit by whites- conservative and liberal alike, and our community does nothing to fight back. Great. It’s so much fun being part of the milque toast asian race.

  5. RE: Asian Americans are not your ally, Dylan Roof: He’s right. Asians can be pretty racist. I am one. I know the previous generation, (my parents), were, same with all their friends. It’s just the way it was. (Besides being good at math!l

  6. RE: Asian Americans are not your ally, Dylan Roof: Asian Americans are not your ally, Dylann Roof: News flash, he’s talking about Asians in Asia, not Asian Americans. And yes anyone who has traveled there knows they are quite racist and think nothing of it.


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