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Guardian: Prosecutors Say Officer Peter Liang & Shaun Landau Did Nothing to Help Akai Gurley

Jason Fong on Justice for Akai Gurley
Prosecutors alleged in motions released Tuesday in the manslaughter trial of New York Police Officer Peter Liang that Liang and his partner Shaun Landau did nothing to save Akai Gurley after he was accidentally shot, reports the
“Neither defendant nor Officer Landau provided any medical care to Mr Gurley. Nor did they summon an ambulance,” prosecutors wrote in the court filing. By then, Gurley’s girlfriend was on the phone with 911 receiving instructions on CPR.
For its part, the defense claimed in a separate filing that the prosecution has an “undeniable bias” against the NYPD, according to a story in DNA.. The defense is questioning why

Peter Liang Rally
Photo by Shirley N Lew. Protestors rally in support of Officer Peter Liang
the DA didn’t press charges in the fatal shooting of Gilbert Drogheo by retired correction officer William Groomes during a struggle over a gun.
In the Liang case, the officer was patrolling a dark stairwell and had a flashlight in one hand and his gun in the other when the gun accidentally discharged.
Prosecutors say Liang and Landau argued for 20 minutes over who should report the shooting and didn’t make the call for 20 minutes. They accuse Liang of not following his training and improperly having his gun on the trigger.
The defense countered that “whether or not Groomes intentionally shot and killed Drogheo, Groomes must have had his finger on the trigger during the dispute before the gun went off.”
On Tuesday, Judge Danny Chun denied a defense motion to drop the charges against Liang. He is due back in court in September.
You can read details of the defense’s case in DNA.. The prosecution’s motion is outlined in the Guardian.


  1. RE: Prosecutors say Officers Peter Liang & Shaun Landau did nothing to help Akai Gurley: The new allegations the prosecution put out against Peter Liang are a very dumb lie, because it goes against common sense. First, it’s for sure that Liang could have never escaped the responsibility for hitting Gurley with accidental firing, because there were witnesses at the scene – Gurley’s girlfriend and Landau. Second, it is a normal human being’s instinct to avoid things adverse happening to self. At that moment, if Gurley died or if Gurley lived, which would bring in more dreadful consequences at law to Liang? Of course it’s if Gurley died. So it’s impossible that Liang would let Gurley die, on him, without trying to rescue Gurley like rendering first aid, calling for ambulance, had he known Gurley was dying as a result from his accidental firing. The fact that Liang collapsed after calling ambulance and had to be sent to hospital by ambulance proves he knew and feared very much the consequences of Gurley dying.

    Also, I wonder why initially the prosecution alleged Liang waited 4 minutes to call in after he accidentally fired, but now it has become he waited for not 4 minutes but 20 minutes. This is quite a big different time frame. I can only say, Liang is being framed, for some kind of political purposes.

  2. RE: Prosecutors say Officer Peter Liang and Shaun Landau did nothing to help Akai Gurley: Liang just did not know someone got shot. This is Liang’s side story, when Liang and Landau walked toward the stairwell, Liang was heading first, he held a torchlight with one hand, the gun on the other. When Liang was entering the stairwell his gun accidentally fired. Landau was still in the lobby, had not entered the stairwell. When the gun shot fired, Liang did not hear any noise because Gurley was still walking down until 2 flights lower and collapsed on 5th floor, so Gurley and his girlfriend did not make noise yet at that moment. Then Liang jumped back to lobby in shock by the firing, Landau asked and Liang said he accidentally fired. They began to debate who to call in to report. Then Landau entered the stairwell to look for the bullet hole on the wall, it’s when he heard a woman crying, then they walked down to 5th floor and found Gurley was dying. Liang called the ambulance and then collapsed on floor in shock and trauma, (there is a witness to that), he could not get up from the floor and had to be sent to hospital by ambulance to get treated. No one would be so stupid not calling for ambulance once realizing some one got shot by a bullet from his own gun, because that would result in more in liabilities for him. There must be some political reason for Landau and the prosecution to deliberately fabricate facts. Liang is a chicken who dreamed to be a cop. But he never intended to shoot Gurley and to not render help to Gurley.

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