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Amazon Sells How-To Travel Guide for Sex for Asian American Males

travel sex bookThis is for sale on Amazon?! A how-to, Get Laid in Hong Kong. A Travel and Sex Guide for the Western Asian Male: Guaranteed to get you laid. 

By Shirley N Lew

I’m shaking my head at this really hard. Really hard. WTH?

To not give any attention to the author, I won’t mention his name or his other online sites. In one of his blogs two years ago, he wrote that he’s in late 20’s, an Asian American male from New York now living in Canada and wants to travel to “taste” different women.

I became aware of this book with its offensive cover from a Facebook group page named, “Asians Not Brainwashed by Media. “ As soon as I saw it, I was infuriated that the link was live! This book is for real! I immediately brought this to Amazon’s attention with a photo of the webpage of the book. I have not noticed a response to my post on their Facebook page yet as of this writing, which would have been already five hours.

In describing his book, the author says, “You want a step by step guide on what to do, say and how to contact pretty young Hong Kong girls to get them into bed? If so, then keep reading…”

He claims no book was ever written for the Asian male population and that it is “written strictly from the experiences I had hand tested in the field to success, “ but the website offers no examples of his tactics.

On his blog, he shared how he manipulated two girls. He didn’t use the word manipulated, but from how he described what he did to these women, I as a female see this as manipulation. His male mind doesn’t see it that way, but I do.

On one instance, he told a girl to leave after he was done with her because he had another girl on the way. He forced another girl to do something she didn’t want to. I’m not providing details, but that’s manipulation.

In the past two months crimes against women in New York have been on the rise. A woman was alleged to have been gang raped and robbed by three teens. Four Asian women were bashed in the face with a hard object because the suspect claimed they did not like him because of his race. On Monday, a woman was attacked with a machete in midtown. What gives with the misogyny?

His book perpetuates males as the aggressor that could lead to violence towards women such as what has been happening in New York. We don’t need such a book as it does more harm than good and I want Amazon to take it off their website immediately.

On the group Facebook page, one male member posted a comment about the book.

“I dunno what to say about this guy. On one hand he is helping out Asian American males – but by objectifying women back in the homeland and by flaunting Western privilege (which basically is borrowed white privilege)? Does this really help Asian males, or does it imply that the only way to get girls is by riding the shirttails of white males?”

I quickly shot back.

“Your mind is clouded. Get your head out of the gutter brother! He is not helping any males, Asian American or not. Don’t make him look like a saint that he’s helping his fellow Asian brother. He is downright plain and simple advocating aggressive male behavior and objectifying your Asian sisters as nothing but sexual objects for pleasure. THIS IS SEXUAL EXPLOITATION DAMN IT!”

He quickly apologized for his off hand remark.

This Asian American male reminds me of my story on American, Julien Blanc, a self-proclaimed dating coach that taught violent behavior on how to pick up and sexually assault Japanese women. Like this how-to author, Blanc profited from his perverted teachings exploiting Asian women. It disgusts me.

As an Asian American woman, anything or anyone that objectifies us as anything less than an intelligent breathing human being gets me riled up. Therefore, I champion a tough strong Asian woman that can be combative on her male aggresors. I do.

I look forward to hearing from Amazon and will share their response when it becomes available.


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  1. RE: Amazon sells how to travel guide for sex for Asian American males: As an Asian American guy who is constantly ignored by white, Asian, and other women, I have to say that I don’t feel so bad about “riding coat tails” or anything else that may help me with relationships or just sex with women. Maybe it’s difficult for an Asian woman to understand this point of view, because you’ve never been made to think that you’re not worthy of human affection.

  2. Yeah, except if a white guy wrote it (there are hundreds of books on this) you would give them a pass, Shirley. Get real.

    You let white guys abuse you all you want, LMAO.

    Good luck with your kids.

    My mother was a self-hating Asian whore and I'm a Hapa who looks Asian. So literally, you have no right to fucking speak anymore. Can't wait until your kids come out looking Asian and you start standing up for Asian male rights.


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