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Rafu Shimpo: Barrack at Heart Mountain Saved from Demolition

Heart Mountain
A barrack which once housed Japanese Americans incarcerated at Heart Mountain in Wyoming during World War II has been rescued from demolition by the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation, reports Rafu Shimpo.
The barrack has been used by Iowa State University as housing at their geology field studies station. The University wants to build new housing and had plans to destroy the barrack until contacted by the foundation.
Iowa State agreed to donate the barrack to the Foundation as long as it could move it.
“This is an opportunity for the greater Heart Mountain community to be a part of a truly historic effort,” said Brian Liesinger, the foundation’s executive director. “This barrack-saving is like a barn-raising in a sense. We need local and national support to save this. Whether it is through in-kind contributions or donations of any amount, we can preserve it together.”
The barrack is expected to be moved to Heart Mountain to its original spot this summer.
You can read about the historical significance of this barack and the story of how volunteers worked to save it in Rafu Shimpo.


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