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What is Bobby Jindal Implying about Immigrants?

Caricature of Gov Bobby Jindal
By DonkeyHotey

Bobby Jindal’s has unveiled a new campaign ad in Iowa he hopes will increase his poll numbers.
Right now, he’s barely above a hash mark in GOP presidential polls.
Jindal is trying to distinguish himself from the pack by being the most conservative of the bunch.
In his ad in Iowa he states “I think our immigration system is broken. If folks want to immigrate to America, they should do so legally. They should adopt our values. They should learn English. And they should roll up their sleeves and get to work.”
Get to work? Well, yeahhh. Many low wage immigrants scrap for every dollar they can get. They hold two jobs in an effort to make ends meet. Does he think they just sit around waiting for the welfare check to arrive?
He says immigrants should learn English. Again, low income wage earners would love nothing better than to learn English. They send their children to school to make sure their kids have a better life than they do. They came to America to achieve the American dream. Is that not an “American value” as Jindal calls it?
This candidate who says he’s tired of hyphenated Americans doesn’t seem to have much of a tolerance for those struggling to make a better life for themselves. As with so many desperate politicians out there, he seems more interested in climbing the ladder on top of those he scapegoats.
His own Indian American community has largely abandoned him.
He shouldn’t have to think to hard to realize why.


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