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Ellen Pao Doesn’t Deserve to Be Fired

posted by Randall

Ellen PaoEllen Pao is a woman of courage.
She took on one of the most powerful venture capitalist firms in Silicon Valley suing them in an unsuccessful sex discrimination case.
The interim CEO of Reddit took down five community boards that had been taken over by trolls who violated Reddit’s policy against harassment. .
Knowing that women are at a disadvantage when negotiating pay, she ended salary negotiations at Reddit to help stem the disparity between what is paid to men and what is paid to women.
These are not necessarily popular things to do. They’ve put Pao in the cross fire and now a petition circulating among Reddit users is demanding that she be fired.
In just one day, more than 85,000 signatures have been gathered through That’s quite a lot of signatures and indicative of the controversial and perhaps unpopular decisions Pao has made.
85,000 signatures is still a small fraction of the 174 million unique users the site has in a single month.
The petition was sparked by the firing of Reddit’s popular director of Talent, Victoria Taylor.
Pao ticked off Reddit’s many volunteer moderators and users who interacted directly with Taylor.

“We should have informed our community moderators about the transition and worked through it with them,” Pao said.


Pao has stuck up for the silent majority–those who have been subjected to the hate of trolls. Those women who work each day and put in as much good work as the man next to them, but for less pay. Now it’s time for those people to have Pao’s back.


Making change is never easy. Pao tried to do that and now she’s paying the price.

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  1. Reddit says:

    RE: Ellen Pao doesn’t deserve to be fired: She’s actually banned over a hundreds of subreddits, most recently /u/EllenPaoMustResign. Her term as CEO has led to an unprecedented time of drama, employee discontent, and negative energy. She’s gotta go.

    1. AsAmNews says:

      RE: Ellen Pao has got to go: I see that you are so confident in your permission, you felt it necessary to make up a user name. Real courage.

      1. Jon says:

        RE: Ellen Pao doesn’t deserve to be fired: That’s a pretty childish and unprofessional response. Your article paints Ellen Pao as an ambassador for women, when really, she just sued her way to the top. There’s a good reason she lost the sexual discrimination case. Why didn’t you point out all her wrong doings as CEO as well and then defend them in kind? Oh, because that would be journalism. FYI, in the states, it takes 100,000 signatures to guarentee a government official response. Yet, there’s millions and millions of people living in the usa, so it’s just a small fraction, right? 100,000 is still a lot of people and it’s a big deal. This article just comes off as lazy and pandering

        1. AsAmNews says:

          You say she sued her way to the top. Can you name anyone else she has sued? You say her wrongdoings as CEO. Can you name them? You say 100,000 signatures is a big deal. We said 85,000 is quite lot of signatures. We pointed out that's a small fraction of Reddit's users just as you said 100,00 is a small fraction of the US population.

          1. Jon says:

            RE: Ellen Pao doesn’t deserve to be fired: The case she lost put her in the spotlight and thats how she became what she is. You misunderstood. I didn’t say she sued anybody else. Her wrongdoings? As somebody who doesn’t have a big amount of vested interest, her dirty laundry is pretty evident. She’s made countless promises to the mods of reddit to give them better tools with which to manage the subreddits (which she has admitted to doing herself), showing her huge lack of appreciation towards the unpaid volunteers that keeps her site running. Several employee insiders at reddit have reported her efforts to monetize reddit which is clear in the massive change in reddit since she took over as CEO in the obvious attempts to generate ad revenue. Reddit as a website has a main purpose, which is to incite free speech. She has banned several subreddits that oppose her views (even if they are morally correct) and continues to do so, negating the very point of reddit. None of this information is very difficult to dig up. This, in addition to your poor response to the first commenter is the very pinnacle of bad journalism. It’s fine to agree with Ellen Pao and side with her. But if you are going to do that, at least lay out all the facts.

  2. winod rai says:

    RE: Ellen Pao doesn’t deserve to be fired: Not really sure if you follow Reddit & the current woes closely. from a distance you can paint any picture you wish to, after all its your portal/ news site, and its your opinion. however, if you follow the news closely, listen to what the mods had to say and also to the site users, you’ll get quite a different picture.

    It seems like you have have gleaned news about reddit from popular sources that are reporting vaguely and not in depth about the whole issue.

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