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Fusion: Model Minority Myth Revisited From a New Angle

Arthur Chu
Arthur Chu

Arthur Chu,the outspoken and controversial Jeopardy game show contestant, recently spoke out against the model minority myth and what he calls the “hypocritical” Asian anti-affirmative action activists.
According to Fusion, Chu states that Asian Americans who support an “individualistic meritocracy” in today’s college admissions system can’t complain about any discrimination faced by Asian Americans today, as these individuals aren’t in support of a system seeking to “address systemic bias against Black[s] and Latino[s]”.
Chu spoke critically of some Asian Americans complicity in its use as a wedge group to divide minority communities.
“Our racial solidarity as Asians gets used as a tool to keep the racial status quo in America intact,” Chu said.
Chu also spoke on building solidarity with other minority groups and Asian American history. To learn more about Chu’s views on the model minority stereotype, visit Fusion.


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