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ABC7/KGO-TV: Cancer Survivor Fights for Only Chance to Have Own Child

posted by Randall

Mimi Lee

An Asian American woman and cancer survivor in San Francisco is entangled in a fight to retain her frozen embryos, reports ABC7/KGO-TV.

Dr. Mimi Lee says it may be her only chance to ever have a child of her own.

“We’re prepared to take this up as far as the appeal goes,” Lee’s attorney, Peter Skinner, said.

Testimony wrapped up in the case Friday.

Lee and her then husband Steven Findley signed documents in 2010 to create embryos at UC San Francisco. Those documents stipulated that in the even of a divorce, the embryos would be destroyed.

Lee says she didn’t give the documents much thought having just been diagnosed with cancer.

Now that she’s divorced, she wants the embryos, but both UCSF and her former husband are fighting her.

You can hear about arguments in this case in the clip below from ABC7/KGO-TV.

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  1. Edwin Chen says:

    RE: Cancer child fights for only chance to have a child: Steven Findley GET over it. You lived, loved and lost… Move on with your life and get rid of your bitterness. I am so outraged that you would take away this woman’s chance to have her own biological children. Let it go… Let her be happy and free! Didn’t you love her ONCE??? It may be over now. However there was a time when you wanted to make a life with her. When you gazed into her eyes and saw the potential for creating nuclear bliss. At that moment you could not fathom or imagine EVER harming her. At one point you were her friend, partner, lover and support network all rolled into an altruistic and devoted husband. For the sake of BOTH of you. Just let her go… Let her “try” to make a future as a mother.

  2. Edna says:

    RE: Cancer Survivor fights for only chance to have birth child: The couple signed an agreement: in the event of divorce, the embryos are to be destroyed.

    Now Mimi Lee says she does not want financial support. When will she change her mind about that, too?

    She made light of medical consent forms in her testimony. She made light of advance care directives, treating a patient’s Do Not Resuscitate instruction as something to be routinely ignored.

    She holds herself to be too good for the solution so many infertile people find fulfillment in – adoption.

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