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Huffington Post: What it Means When People Say Yellow Peril Supports Black Power

Richard Aoki & Friends
CIR Online
Richard Aoki with friends

With the recent popularity of the phrase “Yellow Peril Supports Black Power”, writer Dan Truong seeks to uncover the deeper civil rights implications and prominence of the phrase.

According to the Huffington Post, the phrase originated from the 1960s civil rights movement, and can be commonly seen in a photo of former Black Panther Party Member(and now known FBI informant) Richard Aoki, proclaiming African and Asian solidarity.

Writer Truong believes that the “sense of camaraderie” Asian Americans feel with the African American community stems from their identification as minorities who “could easily fall under the historically ingrained system of othering George Zimmerman clearly used to make his decision”.

Truong also describes the shared struggle of both groups in white America’s “refusal to accept the reality of these two incredibly nuanced and diverse groups”.

To learn more about the tradition of minority solidarity in the civil rights movement, visit the Huffington Post.



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