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Asian Americans

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A Cold Dose of Reality for Asian Americans

posted by Randall


Sometimes Asian American need a friendly slap in the face.

Writer Beverly Murray who was born and raised in Singapore and moved to the U.S. when she was 16 thinks this may be one of those times.

Asian Americans don’t see a lot of themselves represented on the big movie screen unless we’re prostitutes, nerds or played by a White person.

Can everyone say Emma Stone?

Asian Americans naturally and rightfully are the first to complain about this lack of representation.

Murray writes in Abernathy in an open letter to Asian Americans:

Beverly Murray

Beverly Murray

“My Asian brothers and sisters—you diverse, multi-colored, heterogeneous, polyglot group of sexy b*tches—I need you to listen up. Part of this sh*t is our fault.”

She points the finger first at Asian American parents who pushed their kids into the safe and prestigious professions such as computer science, business, medicine, law and engineering. All hell would break out if their kids showed any interest in the arts

She calls on “the freaks.” Those children who secretly want to be “artists, actors, and writers” to “march to the beat of their own drum” and “do your thang.”

Finally Murray urges Asian Americans to support their brothers and sisters who do go out and venture into the road less traveled and channel their creativity. Spend your money where you see diversity in action and hold it back where you don’t.

Read Murray’s open letter in Abernathy and let us know if you agree or disagree.

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