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Sh*t People Say to Little People

posted by Randall

Doris Chloe Jeong

Doris describes herself as a tiny 26-year-old Korean gal who lives in Seattle and hates the rain.

She’s heard it all about her disease in her lifetime.

She recently produced a video on You Tube entitled Sh*t People Say to Little People.

“Are you a midget or a dwarf?”

“Dude, what the f*ck is a kid doing here at a club.”

“Oh, my God, can I pick you just once?”

Those were just some of the “real life examples” she used in her video. What inspired her to produce it was a Facebook post that turned up on her feed that featured what was supposed to be a funny video about little people.

Talking about the video drove Doris to tears.

“I didn’t understand what’s so funny about a little person,” Doris said. “I generally don’t understand what is so funny about my existence. When you’re making fun of a little person, do you understand you’re actually making fun of somebody’s sickness. It’s a disease. It’s a genetic disease. It’s a disorder. You’re literally laughing at somebody’s disease. I don’t understand what’s funny about that.”

You can watch her video below and hear her list of sh^t people say to little people.

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