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Cosplay Champ Lives Double Life

posted by Randall


In the real world, she’s Amiyoshiko from San Jose, California.

But in the world of Cosplay, she’s transformed into Kuroyukihimi from Accel World.

Amiyoshiko aka Kuroyukihimi won the Cosplay Masquerade this month at the J-Pop Summit in San Francisco.

Amiyoshiko desribes her character as quiet and soft spoken. She giggles when I comment that those characteristics are so unlike the real Amiyoshiko.

She shared with AsAmNews how she made the wings on her costume and why she chose her character.

Winner of the Cosplay Masquerade at J-Pop Summit 2015 on Vimeo.

Cosplay started in Japan and other parts of Asia, but has spread worldwide and can be seen at festivals such as Comic-Con where fans dress up as their favorite comic book character. Stripped down to its basics, cosplay is really no more than a Halloween fantasy.

What attracts people to cosplay?

Kristina Tran who was recently crowned Miss National Asia and attended the Cosplay Masquerade has her own theory.

“I think it’s just fun to dress up and be somebody you’re not for a moment,” said Tran. It’s fun to put on different costumes, to have fun with make up. It’s just something totally different from what you’re usually are.”

Bunnytron of San Jose who competed as Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece admits she can get a bit self-conscious being a cosplayer.

Her advice to any cosplay wannabes is “Just do it. Just find something you like and do it.”

She talked with AsAmNews about why she is a cosplayer and why she chose her character.

Cosplay Masquerade contestant J-Pop Summit 2015 on Vimeo.

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