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Why Fame of Worker at McDonald’s Makes Me Uncomfortable


A young teen at a McDonald’s in Taiwan is receiving international attention because of her doll-like looks, reports ABC.
Wei Han Xu has generated more than 53,000 followers on Instagram, but recently has received a massive amount of attention in the United States as well.

She’s received so much attention, she commented about it on her Instagram page.

“In these few days, I received a lot of message from people that had different backgrounds,” wrote Xu. “I was shocked because in my point of view it is just an old news In Taiwan. I would like to say thank you to all the attentions, thank you so much to concern about me.”


What immediately struck me is how this young girl is being turned into a fetish. Whether intentional or not, the fetishization of Wu is being encouraged by the McDonald’s she works at. The fast food outlet has held numerous costume parties among the crew in the restaurant since 2012.

An Asian American Studies professor apparently agrees with me. You can read her comments on ABC.


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