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Bloomberg: Asian Americans Thrust into Anchor Babies Debate by Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush
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Is having anchor babies an Asian thing?

GOP Presidential contender Jeb Bush didn’t quite put it in those words, but he might as well have.

In his response to questions from the media about whether his use of the term “anchor babies” is derogatory,  Bush is quoted  as saying “This is ludicrous for the Clinton campaign and others to suggest that somehow I’m using a derogatory term. What I was talking about was the specific case of fraud being committed where there’s organized efforts—and frankly it’s more related to Asian people—coming into our country, having children in that organized effort, taking advantage of a noble concept, which is birthright citizenship.”

Bloomberg quoted several Asian American community leaders who say such comments will hurt Bush’ standing with their community.

“Using Asian Americans to deflect attention from his use of an offensive and derogatory classification may salvage a few political points now, but Jeb Bush and other political candidates who embrace such demeaning labels should understand that the majority of Asian Americans will not support you with either our votes or our dollars when you espouse rhetoric which dehumanizes and degrades us,” said Michael Kwan, president of OCA–Asian Pacific American Advocates.

Inhe Choi echoed those sentiments, accusing Bush of trying to out trump Trump.

“He’s making a sweeping statement that is possibly taking the country in a dangerous direction,” Choi said. “These front-runners of the Republican Party seem to want to scapegoat and shame to get any kind of point across.”

The comments came on the same day when two other Republican candidates blamed China for the stock market plunge of the last few days.

You can read about that in Bloomberg.




  1. Re: Asian Americans thrust into anchor babies debate: It’s a fact that Mainlanders commit “birth tourism” into Hong Kong. Why wouldn’t Mainlanders commit the same acts in the United States. Especially, if they’ve been told their whole lives that America is the “Golden Mountain” where the government doles out public benefits like candy. It’s the truth and the truth hurts. That’s not to say that no other ethnic group commits “birth tourism”.

  2. RE: Asian Americans thrust into anchor babies debate: The problem is more that these candidates are professionals at making blanket statements that do not necessarily help the situations they’re complaining about. As an american born chinese whose parents received their green cards and citizenships BEFORE they had me, paid taxes BEFORE they had me, worked as harmless scientist doctoral candidates in the U.S… it hurts and it hurts DOUBLE because it’s NOT the truth for me.


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