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Phys.Org: Asian Men, Black Women Ignored by Magazines

posted by Randall

invisibleA study by researchers at William & Mary have found images of Asian women outnumber Asian men by 4-1, reports

The same study found the depiction of Black men outnumbered Black women 3-2.

The authors suspect Asian men and Black women are underrepresented due to stereotypes connecting Asians with femininity and Blacks with masculinity.

“I think we’re showing evidence of gender-based stereotypes on a cultural level and not just a psychological level,” said Joanna Schug, an assistant professor of psychology.

Schug along with Monika Gosin, an assistant professor of sociology, led a group of student researchers who went through issues of GQ and Vogue (fashion magazines), Men’s Health and Women’s Health (fitness), and Maxim and Cosmopolitan (sexual themes).

“Some people say that women are portrayed in a sexualized manner for the eyes of men, but that’s not the case,” said Schug. “If anything, the women in the women’s magazines, well there’s a lot more of them and they’re very sexualized. So it’s kind of showing women ideal forms of femininity: This is what you should be, this is how women should be. The same thing happens in the men’s magazines, which show ideal forms of masculinity.”

“With Asian masculinity not being represented, it kind of gives the message that Asian men are not as masculine as the men who are represented, and similar with Black women,” said Gosin.

Schug and Gosin have done other studies on the stereotypes of Asians and Blacks. You can read about those in

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  1. Kate says:

    RE: Asian men & Black women ignored by magazines: Trueee

  2. nopetheFout says:

    RE: Asian men, Black women ignored by U.S. Magazines: Why are black women included in this? Black women were equal to white men and other men in that study. They were all around 40%. Asian men had 1/2 the representation of those groups at 20%.

  3. Womens Health Forum says:

    RE: Asian men, Black women ignored by magazines: That is true. I mean many black women are medium toned like you (at least in that pic) hey im not sure why. Many high fashion magazines dont like the norm. Regular pretty pretty (say, kelly rowland or beyonce) or fashion pretty (alek wek etc) is kind of different i believe.

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