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Global News: Woman Charged with Hate Crime after Racially-tinged Verbal Assault on Cab Driver

posted by Randall

Cab driver verbal assault

A Calgary woman has been charged with a hate crime following a video-taped racist verbal assault on a South Asian cab driver, reports Global News.

Twenty-four-year-old Brittany Bachinsky is charged with uttering threats with the intent of causing bodily harm

“I don’t know why the f–k they let people like this into our f—ing country.

“You shouldn’t be allowed in my country.” Bachinsky is heard saying on tape.

“I will f–k you up, buddy. You are a disrespectful motherf—er, you should be so glad to be in my f—ing country,”

Bachinsky could not be reached for comment on the charges, but the cab driver, Safou Ranna, says he is pleased.

“I feel so bad because this is my country; I’m a Canadian now,” he said.

You can watch the video taped incident plus see a second incident that is now being investigated in the video clip below.

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  1. AZNPOWER says:

    RE: woman charged in hate crime after racially-tinged verbal assault on cab driver: I would have kicked the bitch out of the cab.

  2. jameskimdc says:

    Re: Woman charged for hate crime in racially-tinged verbal assault on cab driver: What she / they said was disgustingly racist, but I can’t believe they’re being brought up on charges for something they SAID.

    1. Agsterino says:

      RE: Women charged with hate crime after racially-tinged verbal assault on cab driver: Seriously? People need to take responsibility for their words, and if those words are threatening, then she can explain to a judge about what basis she has to say them. If our society condons this behaviour, then what right do we have in considering our behaviour is any better? If he were to reply she was a spoiled self centered, indulged princess wannabe that is WOEFULLY ignorant about other peoples background and experience, he would be threatening … Just accurate.
      Amazing how a few drinks can bring out unfiltered odious behaviour.
      However, like a bully/coward, bravado only surfaces when assured they safe, she NEVER would have opened her mouth if she was alone or knowing potential bosses, customers or the public would see the ugly side of her nature … I hope.

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