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Rafu Shimpo: San Francisco Board of Supervisors Considers Comfort Women Memorial

Comfort Women Memorial in Glendale, CA
Comfort Women Memorial in Glendale, CA

A resolution putting the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in support of a memorial to comfort women appears headed for passage.

Rafu Shimpo reports the resolution by Eric Mar has eight sponsors on the 11 member board.

Such memorials have been erected in other cities in the United States. They have been controversial because some in the Japanese community have argued the comfort women were willing prostitutes to the Japanese military during World War II and were not forced to be sex slaves.

Most of the public who spoke about the resolution at a recent hearing, however, were supporters.

You can read the resolution and comments made by members of the public in Rafu Shimpo.


  1. RE: San Francisco Board of Supervisors considers Comfort Woman memorial: Liar b*tch. Yon Soo Lee goes around the world and sheds crocodile tears everywhere to get sympathy in her malicious attempt to tarnish the reputation of Japan and the Japanese.

  2. RE: SF Board of Supervisors considers comfort women memorial: You are a liar who does not tell the TRUTH of the SUFFERING of Japanese ATROCITIES during WWII. You call her an insulting word and then worry about the reputation of JAPAN. THE WORLD KNOWS about Japan’s atrocities. We WON in Tokyo District Court to make the CLAIMS be accepted. YOU ARE THE LIAR if you feel the atrocities did not happen. The comfort women deserve reparations. Your nation’s crimes against humanity will never be forgotten.

  3. RE: SF Board of Supervisors consider comfort woman memorial: False allegation of forced recruitment of comfort women is the serious violation of human rights of the past, present and future Japanese. I wander if city supervisors of San Francisco were aware of the point. One thing particularly outrageous is that we can do nothing about it from Tokyo and they are too self-righteous to listen to different opinions. You cannot judge anything with just hearsay. You are virtually doing a witch-trial.

    False Accusations of Comfort Women http://www.howitzer.jp/korea/page03.html


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