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Nothing Divides Asian Americans More than Holistic Admissions

University of Texas, Austin

A relatively new coalition of 100 Asian American groups along with the Asian American Legal Foundation has filed a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court urging a total ban on racial discrimination in college admissions.

The coalition known as Asian American Coalition for Education has 45 likes on its Facebook page. The page includes a link to a website which appears organized around recent attempts to ban programs intended to diversify college campuses.

The names of the 100 supporting organizations are not listed in the group’s news release, but are listed in the amicus brief itself.

The coalition submitted its brief in support of the plaintiff in Fisher v University of Texas at Austin.

“We should treat all students the same based on merit, and jointly help the poor, regardless of their racial background. Only in this way, can we build a racially harmonized society and advance American education,” said Yukong Zhao, the Chair of the Organizing Committee of AACE.

Asian Americans have made education a top priority, and when Johnny doesn’t get into the school of his choice, it’s natural to blame external outside factors.

The bottom line is that there are more qualified applicants than there are openings. Tough choices need to be made. 20 percent of Harvard’s first year students are Asian Americans. That’s four times more than their general population. To argue that Asian Americans are discriminated against seems silly, in my opinion.

In May, 135 Asian American organizations came out in support of affirmative action in higher education. These groups, unlike the Asian American Coalition for Education, have a longer more established history in the Asian American community.

Newer arrivals, perhaps with less of an understanding of the historical and ongoing discrimination faced by Asian Americans and other minorities, put less of a value on diversity.

The United States is a country of immigrants from many lands. We cannot learn from each other if we do not interact with each other. We are still largely a segregated country, with many neighborhoods dominated by one ethnic group or another.

A survey taken just last year found that 75 percent of Whites do not have non-White friends. We cannot begin to change that if we do not create opportunities for different ethnic groups to interact and learn from each other.

Those who value diversity support holistic admissions. Those who don’t submit briefs against policies supporting a well-rounded student body.

(Note from the editor: An earlier version of the article incorrectly stated the names of the organizations who make up the Asian American Coalition for Education were not listed in the amicus brief. We regret the error)


  1. RE: Nothing divides Asian Americans more than holistic admissions: The article demonstrates a profound misunderstanding of the law.

  2. RE: Nothing divides Asian Americans more than holistic admissions: My goodness this is some ULTRA liberal Gorbachev perspective… OK in a PERFECT world of meritocracy let us be completely fair and egalitarian. However there is a movement to make America like a cookie cutter plastic mold where the masses are stuffed into a one POPULAR government controlled system. Now for ME, I think Asians and CHINESE have it hard enough. We work HARD and no one GIVES us anything. Our people live off of the MASSES of the poor! To not allow our upward social mobility based upon demographic sociological non-sense is WRONG. Our people deserve to have a chance at academic success. Our people deserve their right to the JUDICIAL process. Belittling other Asian groups who are “newer” does not NEGATE their legitimate concerns. Their children work hard and are treated unfairly period! They must work harder, longer and sacrifice their personal enjoyment for what??? WHY??? That is the question you need to SHOVE down the people’s throats. That the OLD GUARD dominates and speaks for ALL Asians!!! How totalitarian is THAT!!!! Let us be DIFFERENT and use the judicial system in our OWN WAY! I am tired of the OLD GUARDS trying to SMASH every new group or idea that is COUNTER to their ways.

  3. re: Nothing divides Asian Americans more than holistic admissions: Introduction and supporting organizations are on Page 2-5 of the Amicus Brief, please read the document before you write this article.

      • RE: Nothing divides Asian Americans more than holistic admissions: What do you mean newer arrivals? And what do you mean by Diversity? It is diversity in thoughts or just skin color? I wonder if you read Harvard Asian Student Association’s public letter in May. Your article even misstate the brief’s points. Who is against holistic admissions? Does holistic admissions equal racial discrimination because a cap has to be kept? Your so called newer arrivals understood Jews were discriminated under the very same term of holistic admission and quota. You should seriously examine your condescending tone, and do your own research in the history of quotas before lecturing on holistic admission. Perhaps read how elite universities get rich students from Africa to fill the diversity spot while leaving out lower income Asians. That you call your news As Am is a disgrace.

        • RE: nothing divides Asian Americans than holistic admissions: I'm not sure why you think I used Christian in a negative context. I mentioned it in connection with Jeremy being humbled. This is something Jeremy has addressed as well and he too has tied it to his faith. By the way, I am Christian.

    • RE: Nothing divides Asian Americans more than holistic admissions: @AACE, I have been following your story for sometime now. And it is impressive that your organization mission and causes and the important of diversity in higher educations have reached the US Supreme Court of Justice. Congrats! and many thanks you and the Asian American Legal Foundation for helping Asian American and Pacific Islander voices heard. Can you provide a link to your Facebook page or Linkedin?


  4. re: Nothing divides Asian Americans more than holistic admissions: The author argues that since Asian American makes up 20% of Harvard’s first year student body, it’s silly to claim discrimination. But the 20% cap on admission of Asian Americans is exactly why Harvard is discriminating. Is there a 20% cap on Caucasian? 10% cap on Jews? etc?


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