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Jeremy Lin Stopped by Security Guard

Jeremy LinIt was a repeat of what happened when Jeremy Lin first joined the New York Knicks. A security guard at the arena where the Charlotte Hornets play had to be convinced Lin was really an NBA basketball player.

Lin as usual reacted with good nature about the incident with his new team, tweeting about it to his nearly 1.5 million followers.


Fans of Lin will recall the same thing happened the first time he showed up at Madison Square Garden after he had been picked up by the New York Knicks.

That was well before Linsanity when he was playing in relative obscurity. The incident was likely a humbling experience for the Christian player who never lived up to the $25 million three-year contract he signed with Houston Rockets and had a disappointing season with the Los Angeles Lakers.


  1. RE: Jeremy Lin stopped by security guard: weird that they had to mention he was a Christian in that negative context…Jere, tell them you’re holding the laundry bags for the team next time and those redneck southerners will understand…a bigger fan of yours more than ever, fellow Christian

  2. It’s kind of sad that Lin has to face prejudice. As as Lakers season ticket holder, I saw the things he do could as a point guard. He knew how to pass, drive and shoot and his defense was getting better but I felt he was never given a chance to prove himself. When he did play a full game, he was sometimes the best player of the game, the one that gave the opponents the most trouble as quoted by the opponents, hit the winning shot or started the Lakers comeback. I hope the Hornets give him a chance to prove himself

  3. I don’t see the “prejudice.” The guard was clearly not a fan of the team he was there to provide security for – that much is obvious. The security guard just wasn’t into sports. Think of what someone who apparently is not into sports thinks of when they think of a “basketball player.” Say what you will, but WE ALL have “tall” and “black” ranking at least in the top five of our mental make-up of your typical baller. Let’s face it, “Asian” doesn’t rank up there in the minds of the masses. You can call it prejudice if you feel the insecure need to bash for your own self-righteous reasons.


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