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Heated Discussion Follows Cancellation of The Mikado

posted by Randall

The cancellation of the scheduled New Year’s week run of The Mikado following an uproar over yellowface casting and accusations of racism  has angered many fans of Gilbert & Sullivan.

The New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players made the announcement that it was pulling the play from its season on both its website and Facebook page. Many fans of the comic opera quickly took to Facebook to defend the production and accused those opposed of being PC.

“People are too easily offended,” wrote Lucy Ford Tillo of Towako, N.J.   “The Mikado is a brilliant piece of theater/satire. I feel sorry for future generations if this is the way we are heading.”

“I’m offended that you have scrubbed The Mikado,” stated George Whitten.  I’m offended that you’ve easily given in to those who want to bowdlerize it. What are you going to do about my offendedness? Is their offendedness more important than my offendedness?”

Some on Facebook accused The Players of deleting comments critical of their decision.

Others applauded them for listening to the community and educating them on some of the issues.

I feel ashamed,” said Andy Farber.  “I’ve enjoyed The Mikado for years and it never occurred to me how racist it is. Ugh. I’m ashamed that it never crossed my mind that it’s offensive. I feel pretty stupid.”

“I applaud NYGSP for their decision, it gives me hope as a young Asian American,” said Derek Whang.  “I look forward to the future where productions like this are understood as relics of an ugly era in history.”


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    RE: Heated discussion follows cancellation of Mikado: Amazing post. You are right

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