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Margaret Cho Reveals Her Life as a Sex Worker

posted by Randall

Margaret ChoMargaret Cho once again opened up about her sexuality.

This time she did it in a series of revealing tweets on Twitter talking about her life as a sex worker and how those in the industry should be both protected and respected.

This is the second major acknowledgement about her past in recent months. Just last month she told the world she had been raped as a child and talked about how she overcame that trauma.

She touched on that part of her life again yesterday.

In her tweets, Cho said she’s proud of what she’s done in the past and said she was not being exploited. Her work was her choice.

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  1. Jeanette Lazam says:

    RE: Margaret Cho reveals her life as a sex worker: I admire Ms. Cho for putting out information about her previous roles in life she has had. I admire her for her gutsiness of saying that’s what she chose to do in her previous life, and I admire her for being all that she wanted to be in a previous life. What I don’t admire about Ms. Cho is her ability to stifle another opinion about her different roles in a previous life. It is very difficult sometimes, I know for me to render an opinion when someone, like Ms. Cho comes back at you full force; I mean, after all, it’s just an exchange of words and therefore no need to try to jump higher than anyone else. If Ms. Cho chose to be a sex worker, then by all means that is her choice. But if Ms. Cho wants to put that information out to the public, then she must expect to get opinions back…ones that she might necessarily not agree with. Which brings me to my point that if you want to write about anything you’ve experienced, are going to experience; what you’ve seen or plan to see; what you ate, or plan to eat; what you’ve heard and plan to hear; what you smelled or plan to smell then the public has the right to write their opinion on what you’ve done or plan in the future to do. I don’t necessarily agree with everything Ms. Cho said, but I will defend her right to put it out there. And as for cussin’ well I’m not one for cussin’ and I sure hope Ms. Cho can contain that part of her because again, it doesn’t want to make people respond when you’re being cussed at! But, then again that’s my opinion. So at the end of all this a rose is still a rose, and Ms. Cho is still Ms. Cho….and I, well I will continue to respond to other people’s opinions and hope I don’t get bashed for mine in the process.

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