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Comedian Margaret Cho Met Her Rapist Face to Face. #12DaysofRage

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Margaret Cho

Photo by Mary Taylor

There he was. The man who raped Margaret Cho just three years earlier showed up for a taping of her first TV show.

The rest of the audience had left, but Cho’s rapist remained.

“He was just there, falling down drunk and he looked me in the eye and he didn’t say anything, I didn’t say anything,” said Cho in a video posted as part of her #12DaysofRage.

Cho is sharing moments about the sexual abuse she faced as a child by someone she once considered her best friend, the boyfriend of a girl she knew.

Cho is also encouraging other victims of sexual abuse to share stories about their experience using the hashtage #12DaysofRage.


“I think it’s that the world is finally listening to us – survivors,” said Margaret Cho to AsAmNews. “I’m grateful for it and lots of different people have been sharing with me. I’m honored by their courage and saddened by their experiences. Rape is more common than anyone thinks.”

Sharing has not been easy for some sexual abuse survivors, but the support from Cho has been invaluable.

#12DaysofRage is a campaign leading up to to the release of her new video, I Want to Kill My Rapist.

“It’s more about murdering the rapist in your mind, so you stop killing yourself,” Cho explained. “Sexual abuse leads to self abuse, so it’s not about revenge. It’s more about stopping the cycle of abuse. The video is lots of kids in this action fantasy world and they’re beautiful – aged 4-18 all incredible martial artists, archers, knife throwers! It’s a masterpiece.”

Cho has always been open about her sexuality and until recently was in an open relationship. She is also bisexual and just last week as a prelude to #12DaysofRage, opened up about her life as a sex worker.

She elaborated with AsAmNews telling us she’s engaged in everything from phone sex to BDSM and once particpated in a recorded 976 line for people who spoke English as a second language.

Margaret Cho

Photo by Mary Taylor

The comedienne is no stranger to controversy. She’s drawn both praise and condemnation from the Asian American community for her work.

Many praise her as a pioneer. Others condemn her for perpetuating racist stereotypes.

Her bit as a North Korean dictator earlier this year at the Golden Globes rankled many.

“It’s from the joke perspective – as I’m pointing out what the racist mind would conjure up, rather than making the stereotype the joke,” explained Cho. “It’s very meta next level comedy.”

She appeared on Late Night with Stephen Colbert and also discussed this with him.

She is also on her Psycho Tour in the United States through November 14 before taking the show overseas.
Her video I Want to Kill My Rapist debuts on Perez on Friday, November 13.

Anyone who knows Cho shouldn’t be surprised by her content.

“I’ve been talking about my abuse for years, but nobody really asked me about it.”

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