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Travels with Tony: Tony Discovers Best Dim Sum Restaurant in Hong Kong

Tony Lee and 3 Little Pigs

By Tony Lee
Travels with Tony

(Note from the Editor: Tony Lee is an avid traveler currently on a Roots trip to discover his family history in his ancestral village in China. Lee will be providing periodic updates throughout his journey).

I am currently ensconced in Hong Kong, resting up from the Roots tour. The temperature and humidity has finally dropped to the point where it is comfortable and bearable. I am spending the time catching up with friends and relatives. As is typical with the Chinese, meetings are centered around meals so I have been eating a lot.

Yesterday my cousin’s son took me to the Dim Dim Sum restaurant (that’s not a typo—it’s the real name). It’s a small neighborhood place near Austin Road in Kowloon that was named by a local publication as the best dim sum place in all of HK. That’s quite a distinction, given the hundreds of dim sum places in the city, including the big name, high end restaurants. Anthony Bourdain, the traveling foodie, has visited and vouches for the place. We had 10 dishes; my favorite was the “sil gee bao” (little piggy bun), a sweet custard bun. But everything was so good that I am going back with my sister-in-law on Tuesday. I’ll be pigging out again.

Then on Friday, I will fly off to Kuala Lumpur with my brother and his wife to attend her niece’s wedding. It will be interesting to see how a Chinese wedding in Malaysia differs from the ones that I have been accustomed to in SF.

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