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NBC LA: Racist “Tip” Left for Waitress at Thai Restaurant

Racist tip

A customer at a Thai restaurant in Redondo Beach scrawled a racist message on his bill rather than leave a customary tip, reports NBC LA.

A photo of that message has gone viral on Twitter and many are reacting angrily.

The waitress at the Bamboo Thai Bistro is here in the U.S. legally on a visa and hopes to attain a green card and support her two children.

The note read “tip for U.S. Citizens only.”

Co-workers were quick to defend the waitress who wondered if she did anything wrong to upset the customer.

“She’s one of the best employees here in my opinion,” said co-worker Adison. “The thing is she’s paying her taxes, and not getting any benefits of a U.S. citizen, and then she’s going to get slammed by this guy.”

You can hear about some of the reaction on social media in the report below from NBC LA.


  1. RE: Racist tip left for Thai Waitress: many of us are posting this to make this dimwit public like the asshead who shot cecil. name names, it needs to be in lights. Otherwise good show. Borrow each and every morning. shared to the Asian American Network


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