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Trump Supports Data Base for Muslims. Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes on Upswing

Donald Trump
“Donald August 19” by Michael Vadon – https://www.flickr.com/photos/80038275@N00/20724666936/. Licensed under Wikimedia Commons

Just days after the FBI released data showing the rise of anti-Muslim hate crimes in the United States, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called for a national data base to keep track of Muslims.

Quartz reports Trumps support for such a tracking system is drawing comparisons to Nazi Germany.

“We’re going to have to look at a lot of things very closely,” said Trump. “We’re going to have to look at the mosques. We’re going to have to look very, very carefully.”

Trump also said he would kick out all Syrian refugees from the country if elected.

Coincidentally, according to US News & World Report, FBI data shows hate crimes overall are down, but such bias attacks on Muslims in the U.S. have been up each of the last three years. Such incidents took a huge spike after 9/11. Some fear the same could happen in the wake of the Paris attacks.


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