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Blog: Outdated Stereotypes of Asian Women Live On in Modern Times in Lifehack Article

Suzie Wong
Nancy Kwan & William Holden in The World of Suzie Wong (1960)

By Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent

Stereotypes and images of Asian women that hark back to the days of Suzie Wong and the exotic China doll angered members of the Facebook group Global Asians for Action and Social Change.

The group launched the hashtag #NotYourChinaDoll in response to an article on Lifehack entitled 9 Reasons Why You Should Date a Chinese Girl.

Reason number 1 listed in the Lifehack article: Chinese women understand the true meaning of gender roles.

“When you are dating a Chinese girl you should know that you are dating a girl that tends to follow the traditional standards of what a woman’s role is. For some men, this is an ideal situation that allows them to feel secure in their relationship.”

In case you didn’t get the hidden meaning in that, that was followed by reasons 4 & 5: they are devoted partners & they are eager to please men.

These stereotype continue to perpetuate the image of Asian women as subservient and devoted subjects to their men. These are the type of women too many men fantasize over and unfortunately the reason Asian women are the popular category on dating sites.

Unfortunately the article is already spreading its falsehoods at a rapid rate with 1,000 shares in just more than a day as of this morning.

“This clown is obviously hallucinating and has no idea about any woman,” said AsAmNews New York Correspondent Shirley N Lew about the writer Casey Imafidon. “IDIOT!!!! I can go and on about this idiot, his editor and the site for false misleading information. I laughed so hard cuz this guy is delusional.”


    • RE: Outdated stereotypes of Asian women live on in modern times in Lifehack article: With 6 years to go, can Suzie Wong help Earl of Wessex, the future King Harold, to fend off the Norman Invasion and change the course of history, scarlet heart style? That would make an awesome version of The World of Suzie Wong.

  1. RE: Outdated stereotypes of Asian women live on in modern times in Lifehack article: Yeah once this restauranteur was telling me his income stats, and that he was looking for a Japanese bride, and this would be his 6th marraige, yeah, RIGHT! I told him that the GEISHA no longer exists for wives. Even the Japanese women, now don’t want to marry. They have boyfriends and then have freedom. They didn’t like the lives they saw their parents live, so they tell me.
    Apparently , he thought since I am Japanese, that I would be this geisha-like subserviant, doting wife.


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