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Gallup Poll Shows Strong Support for Bernie Sanders from Asian Americans

posted by Randall
Bernie Sanders

Photo by Phil Roeder

A new poll from Gallup found that Asian Americans support Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders more than any other candidate from either party.

Sanders favorability score among Asian Americans is +29. That means his favorable score exceeds his unfavorable score by 29 percentage points. Hillary Clinton is not far behind with a score of +21.

Every Republican candidate has a negative score among Asian Americans ranging from Ben Carson at -3 to Donald Trump at -43.

The scores come from 868 self-reported Asian Americans over the three month period of September, October and November.

The scores may be an indication of the liberal leanings of many Asian Americans. 35% of Asian Americans classify themselves as liberal versus 22 percent of Whites. Blacks 26%, and Hispanics also 26%.

You can read more poll details and what the results mean for the candidates in Gallup.



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  1. Jerry Z. Park says:

    RE: Gallup Poll shows strong support for Bernie Sanders from Asian Americans: interesting result but Gallup most likely does not translate this survey poll when they reach Asian Americans, so it would b better to say that these results refer to "English-fluent Asian Americans" not all Asian Americans. Many Asian Americans who are not fluent enough in English will not respond to this survey so there is bias in the statistics.

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