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Asian Gang Broken up in Queens

posted by Randall

FBIA suspected violent New York gang known as the Zheng Organization was raided this week by the FBI, New York Police Department and IRS in Queens.

Eight members of the gang have been indicted on charges of racketeering, drug trafficking, extortion, and illegal gambling.

Qian Zheng, also known by the nickname “cash,” is accused of dealing the drug Ecstasy and the pain killer Ketamine in Brooklyn and Queens since 2007.

The criminal indictment alleges those that crossed Cash were often the targets of hired thugs who would assault Zheng’s enemies.

“For years, Zheng and his associates committed violent acts to make money, protect their territory, and as retribution for perceived slights. Violent gangs are a blight on our neighborhoods, and we will do all in our power to prevent them from casting a shadow of violence over our streets,” stated United States Attorney Robert Capers. “The arrests and charges announced today are a testament to our commitment to dismantling violent criminal organizations and making our communities safe.”

Zheng faces a maximum sentence of 164 years in prison. The seven other suspects could get maximum sentences of 16 to 40 years.

The names of the other defendants and their nicknames are below.

GUIFU GAO, also known as “Chicken Feather” Age: 35

XIN LIN, also known as “Blackie” Age: 33

ALLEN HUI CHEN, also known as “Yi Hui” Age: 43

KAI HUAN HUANG, also known as “Shen Shen” Age: 25

BILLY CHEN, also known as “Lo Di” Age: 42

JIAYO JIANG, also known as “Yi Qiang” Age: 45

XUE JIANG GAO, also known as “Xue Zhang” Age: 30

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