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Jeremy Lin takes hard foul across face by Kobe Bryant

Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin goes to the foul line after a hard foul from Kobe Bryant

“Who me?” says Kobe.

“Yes, you” says the ref.

Only Kobe Bryant can nearly decapitate someones head and wonder why the referee called a foul.

It happened when Bryant knocked Jeremy Lin dizzy last night with a hard foul across the forehead and face. Watch:

“That narrative goes all the way back to last year, Kobe and Jeremy Lin.” said the Lakers’ announcer after the foul.
It’s no wonder Lin is having so much more fun with the Charlotte Hornets than he did having to stand practically near the sideline to watch Kobe Bryant go one on one last season when he was with the Lakers.

“I have a lot of people saying, ‘Man, you’re smiling a lot more on the court.’ I am having fun out here,” Lin told the Los Angeles Times.
Last season Lin played under coach Byron Scott who didn’t have much faith in Lin. Kobe also belittled Lin during practice and on the sidelines during games.
Somehow I don’t think Kobe has ever gotten over Lin lighting up the Lakers for 38 points back in February 2012 in the middle of what became known as Linsanity.

Kobe is on his farewell tour as he has announced he’s retiring at the end of the season. Too bad Kobe has to tarnish his legacy with his disrespect for a fellow player.
Lin got the last laugh. His Hornet beat the Lakers by 10 and the Lakers record fell to 5 – 27.



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