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#DearNextPresident Launched by Fusion

By Ed Diokno

Using the hashtag #DearNextPresident, the news website Fusion has launched a video series, hashtag campaign, and user-generated social project,  built around the idea that everyone—especially young voters—should have a voice in telling America’s next president about their most pressing concern or issue going into the next four years.

To start the project, Fusion visited a number of locations across the country—from New York to Los Angeles and Miami to Boulder—and asked students, workers, adventurers, tourists, and more to complete the phrase “Dear Next President….” We’ve collected some of our favorite responses in the super cut below.


Michelle Phan, Youtube breakout star, (seen above)  is one of th host of celebrities who have added their message to the next POTUS.  She wants to see true leadership from the next president—starting with investing in education. Especially in college for people with low incomes, she says, because education is the key to empowering people to build a better future.


And by talking to hundreds of people – most of whom are the young – whom we always say are “the future” – we’ve been able to discern which issues are most on their minds: student debt, the environment, cost of college, and reproductive rights are just a few at the top of the list.


The Environmental Media Association’s annual awards gala brought together an array of famous faces who were looking to save the planet. But they want the next president to get on board, too. Watch their video to see what former NSYNC’er Lance Bass wants help with, what model Karrueche Tran is looking for in a president, and where Ed Begley wants to see “incredible amounts of money” invested; scientist Bill Nye wants the slow global warming.

You don’t have to be part of the “rich and famous” to voice your needs or supothe cause you’re invested in.

But no topic is off limits. Some of the other subjects range from the weighty topic of  immigration reform all the way to a better school lunch.

But the goal of this project is to be big and broad and personal. We hope to inspire you (and your family, friends, schoolmates, and coworkers) to record a short personal message and share it via any social platform with the hashtag #DearNextPresident. We’ll reshare some of our favorites on Fusion’s social accounts, and we’ll collect those videos together, too, to show the power of all our voices speaking together.


Fusion invites you to post, and share, and tell the world — and the next President of the United States—what matters most to you. The time is now.
(Ed Diokno writes a blog :Views From The Edge: news and analysis from an Asian American perspective.)


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