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Medical Xpress: Asian American Women Deal with Body Image Issues

facial featuresA study from Chapman University found Asian American women are more likely to have concerns about their facial appearance than White women, reports the Medical Xpress.

Researchers polled 303 Asian American women and 367 White women at universities in California and Hawaii.

60 percent of White women surveyed have high satisfaction with their facial appearance versus 44 percent of the Asian American women surveyed in Southern California. The results were similar for the eyes, nose, and shape of face.

Asian American women in Hawaii and California were more likely to express dissatisfaction with their overall face, 59 percent versus 34 percent and with their eyes, 38 percent versus six percent.

“Asian American women experience several pressures not experienced by white women, including potential stigma and discrimination because of their ethnicity, which may increase concerns with facial features related to their ethnicity,” said Chapman researcher David Frederick.  “They also face two sets of appearance standards, both the white ideals common in mainstream media, as well as comparisons with Asian media, as well as with their own peers. This creates pressure to fulfill two sets of appearance ideals.”

So what conclusions does Frederick take from his study? You can read about that in the Medical Xpress.


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  1. RE: Asian American women deal with body image issues: Asian woman expressive eyes are what my son finds most attractive. He says it is their ‘down to earth’ realistic attitude that makes them beautiful. I know when he reads this article it is going to upset him. We all have things we wish we could change. First let us change the way the society tries to tell us to look and behave.


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