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Queens Chronicle: Flushing is a Forgotten Place with the Forgotten Minority

Flushing in QueensAbout two-thirds of Flushing in New York is foreign born. Many of them are Asian.

According to the Queens Chronicle, the people of Flushing feel like foreigners in their own home.

Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Flushing) puts it bluntly.

“Imagine if we actually overcame the Perpetual Foreign Place Syndrome and realize the return on investment toward Flushing?” he said. ““I think it’s all communities in the outer boroughs feeling like they’re not being heard, like every road leads to Manhattan.”

Many Asians in this community feels they are a forgotten minority which contributes to the neglect they feel from government.

A recent report from the Asian American Federation found Asian American social services agencies receive just 3.1 percent of the contract dollars given out by city agencies, yet represent 15 percent of the population.
You can read about the various reasons why this disparity takes place and why some feel Flushing in neglected in the Queens Chronicle.
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