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Asian Americans Line Up on Opposing Sides of Peter Liang Conviction

posted by Randall
Peter Liang

Peter Liang

A sharp division exists in the Asian American community over the conviction of Officer Peter Liang in the death of Akai Gurley.

To those Asians who support the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s simple.

If you agree that White police officers have been unjustifiably cleared of wrong doing in the deaths of too many Black people, you must support the conviction of Peter Liang of manslaughter.

“The ethnic Chinese media has also pushed a polarizing and anti-black
narrative around the conviction of Peter Liang,” said a statement from #Asians4BlackLives. “This has caused some strain
within the larger Asian American community.”

They are holding a Google hangout in an effort to reframe the narrative today at 4 p.m. Eastern. Those interested in participating are encouraged to RSVP.

Those who feel Liang is being scapegoated are organizing a day of protests in 38 cities from New York to San Francisco tomorrow, according to CCTV.

“Some White police officers have accidentally killed unarmed people, too, but the punishment for them was lighter compared to the one Liang received. Liang should not be treated differently because of his race,” Wang Tian, president of the Beijing Association in Los Angeles said.

Liang faces 15 years in prison.

Panelists at the Google Hangout will include OiYan Poon, Advocate and
Professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Education; Meejin Richart,
Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence member; Joo-Hyun Kang, Director of Communities United for Police
Reform; and several other activists involved with on the ground efforts in
New York City and beyond.’s Diane Wong will moderate the

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  1. Robert Lee says:

    RE: Asian Americans line up on opposing sides of Peter Liang Conviction: Why do we so easily fall into a polarizing trap, one side has to win over the other. Isn't it clear how white institutions are not held accountable particularly by the media's emphasis on the face off of different positions among different groups within our Asian communities. We can be proud that our communities are standing up for Peter Liang, let hope they continue to work and organize politically in the long term for whats necessary in the US of A if we don't want to be stepped on. At the same time we can be proud that we have individuals and organizations that care deeply for Akai Gurley his family and his child seeking to support them, to raise funds for them, and work to counter the injustice the Black community has suffered for hundreds of years. They know the link between what happens to Blacks is closely related to what happens to our Asian community.
    We might realize the system is designed to place blame, and its target of bestowing justice is secondary if not at times less than that when politically those with power or capital can benefit. We should not be divided, polarized by this system, placing blame that this system is responsible to fix, when clearly this was a tragic accident. We are being manipulated when asked what side are you on. Emotions are high, of course, we should be angry. But lets be smart, give ourselves time to cool down, ask the smart questions, and target the real threat to our humanity, freedom and well being as Asians, and in the US of A, as people of color.

    1. Bob S says:

      I hope you don't get railroaded like Liang and no one supports you even fellow Asian Americans. In every case, blacks support blacks, Latinos support Latinos, even a mother would support her own children but Asian Americans are the only ethnic group that are completely weak politically and other ethnicity have no fear of Asian Americans and deluded that we have to appease blacks. Some have adopted white guilt but lack white privilege. Liang should go to jail for neglecting to perform cpr. If Gurleys girlfriend could perform cpr with instructions from 911 so could he and his white partner Landrau who was given immunity. Even the DA said the story that Liang was texting his union rep was false. It's bizarre that Asian Americans don't bother to read Liang's testimony nor the DA comments in this case but while you're asking for calm Lisng may be sentenced up to 15 years for second degree manslaughter. You're being manipulated and if Liang was your own flesh and blood you would do nothing for him? You do know that the NYC projects had two cops shot while patrolling in the stairwell. Another cop was shot in the ankle and another was shot and killed. Liang had every right to be afraid.

  2. Ben says:

    RE: Asian Americans line up o opposing sides of Peter Liang conviction: How can you say what Liang did was the same as the other cases where the suspect died?

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