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Alhambra Source: Man Hit by Car, Dragged into Next City

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Kwai Ling Hong

Kwai Ling Hong

The family of a Southern California man struck and killed by a mini-van and dragged from Monterey Park to Alhambra is expressing frustration over the progress of the investigation, reports the Alhambra Source.

Concerned family and friends of the victim Kwai-Ling Hong,80, spoke out at a recent Alhambra City Council meeting about the January 7th incident.

“As a resident of Alhambra, I’m concerned that the person who did this will go unpunished,” Catherine Hennigan told the city council.

The family originally became frustrated when they walked up to the accident scene and asked police if anyone had seen Hong who had not returned home from a walk. The officer said the description they gave was similar to the victim’s and asked that they return home and wait for an investigator. The investigator never arrived and the family would later read about Hong’s death the next day on the internet.

The suspect has been identified as Cecilia Morales de Toledo. De Toledo told the Alhambra Source she had a driver’s permit at the time of the accident. She said she did not realize she had hit someone until someone told her.

“I parked my car and as I walk to my door I noticed there was someone in the street and another man yelling in my direction. I thought the guy that was yelling in my direction was going to hurt me or my kids,” said de Toledo. “A guy in the street and another one yelling and coming towards us; I didn’t know what was going on.”
Hong’s son, George, says his father was a sociable man active in the local community and his home country of Taiwan.

“He says ‘Hi’ to everyone when he walks in the neighborhood. Him and his friends started a Taiwanese association. He even flied back to Taiwan to vote in important elections,” said George.

Police say the case is still under investigation.


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  1. BAP Blogger says:

    That’s horrifying, and there is a pattern of carelessness with many cases where the victim is of Asian heritage. Oh, and by pattern, I mean years of history of it.

  2. dontdealwith says:

    RE: Alhambra Source: Man hit by Car, Dragged into next city: Stop using Alhambra Source for your information… they rely on untrained volunteers, most of whom don’t have any actual journalism training or experience, and have no idea how to fact-check before publishing articles.

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