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Asian Trainer Helped Jennifer Lawrence Get into Shape and Stay Fit

posted by Randall
Jennifer Lawrence in make up session for Mystique

It takes hours to paint on Jennifer Lawrence’s costume as Mystique.

By Ed Diokno

When your costume is basically blue paint, you better have a physique that merits that style choice.

That was the problem facing Jennifer Lawrence when she first played Mystique in the X-men franchise, according to Celebrity Fitness magazine.

Enter fitness trainer Dalton Wong, a Chinese Brit who first met the famous actress five years  ago in Oxford, England when she was filming the first X-men film.
When looking good is a vital tool of your profession, it helps that God has graced you with some basics but to maintain that appearance, it requires a lot of discipline and hard work.

It helps that Wong is no hard-core fitness Nazi.  Lawrence posed a challenge for him as he needed to make her look amazing while ensuring that she had the liberty to keep doing things a 20-year-old does. He taught her to exercise and eat well while allowing her to have snacks and go clubbing, just alike any other 20-something with money.

Jennifer Larence with Brandon Wong.

Jennifer Lawrence with Dalton Wong.

At first it was 12 hours a day of training but as it tapered off, he had to teach her about balance: short bursts of exercise vs. long hours in a gym; yoga for breathing; letting the anti-diet actress eat what ever she wanted in moderation and allowing snacks – but, healthy snacks (see below).
Fortunately, she was a serious actress and a good student. A friendship developed and she still trains with him when she is in London.

Healthy snacking optionsIf you are a fan of The Hunger Games actress, you would certainly like to know about some snacks that are healthy and easily available. Celebrity Fitness provides a suggestions from Wong for snacks and the benefits you get from eating them.

  • Coconut Milk Yogurt – It’s a good fiber source.
  • Crudités and Hummus – It offers protein and veggies goodness.
  • Apple slices with Walnut Butter – Apple fat is good for your hunger and walnuts have Omega-3.
  • Hard-boiled Eggs – It provides choline that enhances your brain function.
  • Greek Yogurt – It’s a protein filled treat.
  • Almond Milk with protein powder – It’s a perfect post-workout treat.
  • Air-popped Popcorn – It has more antioxidants and fewer calories.
  • Peanut Butter-filled Celery Canoes – Celery refreshes you and protein and fat makes you stronger.
  • Cashews and Blueberries – It has loads of protein, good fats, and anthocyanin, an antioxidant that boosts brain power.
  • Dark Chocolate – It pampers your sweet tooth without messing with your metabolism.

(Ed Diokno writes a blog :Views From The Edge: news and analysis from an Asian American perspective.)

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