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Donald Trump Mocks Indian Accent

posted by Len Patel
Donald Trump

by Michael Vadon

By Len Patel

Donald Trump recently said he’s going to be so presidential people will find him boring.

The leading contender for the GOP Presidential nomination was responding to criticism he was incapable of being presidential and representing his country in a manner befitting of a president.

Trump’s pledge to change his act apparently has taken a backseat to the real Donald trump.

On Friday, he derided an unnamed credit card call center for hiring workers in India.

Speaking in a mocking Indian accent, Trump recounted his conversation with the call center.

“I said to the person,  ‘Where are you from?’ ‘We are from India.’ ‘Oh, great. That’s wonderful. Thank you very much,'” Trump said gesturing like he was hanging up a phone, reported Politico.

As offensive as that act may be for those who prefer to treat people with respect and not ridicule people from another culture, this is the sort of BS that Trump diehards eat up.
They’re with him all the way. The fact that a presidential candidate is doing it unfortunately gives his supporters license to do the same. It’s likely many of those people are doing the same in their homes, their social circles and even in their workplace.
Supporters of Trump see the world around them changing. They see immigrants moving into their neighborhoods, at their workplace speaking a foreign language. They just can’t deal with this change and Trump is their way of holding onto the past.
This land is THEIR land, and they don’t see room for me and you.
Despite Trump’s vow to change his tone, don’t be fooled. The real Donald Trump has already been exposed.


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