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Racist Commercial Airing on Chinese Airwaves

posted by Louis Chan

Qiaobi commercialBy Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent

A commercial for a Chinese laundry product is causing quite a stink in the U.S.

It’s gone viral on social media with some comments almost as racist as the commercial itself.

It depicts a Black man making advances at a Chinese woman.

She responds flirtatiously, coaxing him to get closer.

That’s when she pushes him inside the washing machine along with the detergent Qiaobi.

The Black man comes out of the wash with his White shirt cleaner than ever and with his face transformed into that of a Chinese man.

The implication of that Blacks are somehow dirty. It has been derided by many as racists.

Others have commented  with shrunken penis jokes.

But I digress. It’s unfortunate these racist attitudes not only persist in China, but are accepted in their mainstream culture.

When one looks at the anti-Black attitudes among some Chinese in America, you have to wonder if these attitudes go back to China.

It’s up to those in the know to chip away at these attitudes and educate those who hold them. Words like hok gwai, Black devil, and bok gwai, White devil, are pervasive in the Chinese language. They should not be carried on by those who know better. This commercial is just another example of racist attitudes that must be wiped out.


LA Times: This Chinese Laundry Ad is Racist, but its Hardly the First


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  1. Ben says:

    RE: Racist commercial airing on Chinese airwaves: For the record I am an American of Chinese descent and I am horrified by how backwards some of the thinking is in China. Hopefully as China’s society evolves it can realize what human rights really means.

  2. Alouette says:

    RE: Racist commercial airing on Chinese airwaves: Oh my this commercial is embarrassing on so many levels. I understand that it might have been around since January in China and ‘loosely’ copied from that awful Italian commercial. But didn’t the ad executives realize the backlash and comments the Italian commercial received. Someone failed to do their research again. China was just in the media about a facial product. China trades heavily with African countries and Jamaica and Trinidad.

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