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Korean American Woman Accuses LAPD of Rough Treatment During Traffic Stop

 Ok Jin Jun surveillance video
Surveillance video captures the LAPD handling of a 62-year-old Korean American woman.

By Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent

A Los Angeles woman is suing the Los Angeles Police Department after she said she was roughed up by police officers during a traffic stop captured on surveillance video.

Ok Jin Jun, 62, tried to enter her church parking lot the morning of April 14.

Jun told CBS2 police were blocking the driveway, so she honked about a half dozen times until they moved.

After she parked her vehicle, officers approached her and asked for her registration. According to a Facebook post by her son David, his mother who speaks very little English was confused and didn’t know what was going on.

“Anyone in this exact situation would ask and inquire, why they’re being asked for their paperwork and everyone should have the right to ask,” wrote David Yun on Facebook. “Without citing her for any traffic law violations, they immediately grabbed her by the wrists and twisted her aggressively down to the floor. When she fell onto the ground (as you can see from the video footage), they handcuffed her and while in full submission, they forcefully rammed the side of her face onto the floor. With both her hands cuffed behind her back, they slowly stood her up as she started bleeding profusely from the facial wounds that she had suffered. By this point, the officers realized she was severely injured and so called the paramedics and sent her to a local hospital so she could be treated for her wounds.”

You can watch surveillance video of the encounter below.

Granted, it probably wasn’t really smart of Jun to honk at officers. It’s unclear why police were blocking the driveway. Were they conducting an investigation or having donuts? Nonetheless, one has to wonder if their response to an impatient woman was appropriate.

According to an unidentified police source who talked to CBS2, the officers are being reviewed for a routine use of force report. The same source also says mental health might have been a factor in their response.


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