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NBC Poll Finds Half of Americans Support Donald Trump’s Proposed Ban on Muslims

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Donald Trump

By Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent

Here’s another sign that Donald Trump is reaching more than just America’s fringe and the dangers he poses to the constitution and American ideals.

An NBC SurveyMonkey Poll found 50 percent support Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States.

46 percent oppose it.

The survey was taken in the three days immediately after the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando.

Apparently America still hasn’t learned its lesson from the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. Rounding up innocent people merely because of their ethnic origin and with no evidence of wrong doing was OK then.

Today half of Americans think its OK to close its borders to an entire group of people irregardless of any evidence they might be a danger to society.

Instead of focusing on how we can place restrictions on gun purchases by those on the terror watch list or control the sale of rapid fire assault weapons, Trump thinks its acceptable to just build walls, to just keep people out–the constitution be damned.

Just two days ago, I wrote about how the Park Service was seeing an increase of visitors to internment camps who wanted to see why the mass round up “worked.”

Donald Trump Influencing Attitudes about Incarceration of Japanese Americans

Not exactly sure how what “worked” about the round up except to waste taxpayer money, greatly blemish the constitution and ruin the lives of more than 110,000 mostly American citizens. Unfortunately Trump’s suggestion that it would be a good idea to bring back incarceration camps has generated renewed interest.

In times of national tragedy, common sense often goes out the window. Fear grips a nation and its people. It takes strong courageous leaders to stand up to bigotry and hate during these times. Its too easy to look at the poll numbers and to jump on the bandwagon.

Japanese Americans, especially, and Asian Americans in general, have stood with Arabs, Muslims, Middle Easterners and South Asians to oppose the racial profiling, mass incarceration or ban on Muslims.

Unfortunately not enough people are getting the message. Let us make no mistake. We live in dangerous times. Terrorism isn’t the only crisis facing America right now. We also have a constitutional crisis. Now is not the time to remain silent.
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  1. Edwin Chen says:

    RE: NBC Poll finds half of Americans support Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims: This is intolerable! How can we move backwards as a nation? The ignorance, hate, bigotry and outlandish buffoonery has been allowed to fester, and grow in our American society for far too long. Let us be clear that this discriminatory policy would probably exasperate our current crisis with the muslim world. I fear there may be a return of concentration camps, and fascist policies that divide our people rather than unite. The logistical and economic burdens would hinder our nation’s growth, and waste valuable resources. All at a time when homeless people are encroaching on all of our cities. Let us stop projecting our emotions unto others, and instead focus on how to solve our nation’s major problems. We need to end our foreign wars of aggression, and domination. In cooperating with the major powers of the world, such as Russia and China, our government could instead focus on our domestic economy, and social issues. Let us not scapegoat, and isolate a whole group of people based upon their religion. We must instead move out of the darkness of ignorance, and towards equality for our people.

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