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Dog Eating Protestors in Chinatown Barking Up Wrong Tree

posted by Louis Chan

Strollers walk with their pet dogs in Hong Kong

Residents walk with their pet dogs in Hong Kong

By Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondentong>

A small protest held recently in New York’s Chinatown against a dog eating festival scheduled in China for tomorrow has some Chinese Americans scratching their heads.

About 15 – 20 people rallied in front of the Wyndham Hotel on Bowery to draw attention to the event.

Many commenting on social media couldn’t figure out why the group Global Strays chose Chinatown and some wondered aloud if the Chinese consulate would have been more appropriate.

I’ve been eating in Chinatown for decades and never have seen or even been offered dog meat.

The cuisine even rare in China has not made its way to the United States.

The protestors tried to explain their action.

“That’s (dog eating) not how we roll in our country,” Paul Llobell of the Suffolk County SPCA said to the New York Daily News. “If they … bring that tradition to our country, they’ll be investigated and will go to jail.”
Llobell admitted the festival being held in China’s southern Yulin province would never happen in the United States. Protestors hoped they could gain the support of Chinese Americans.

Unfortunately the protest reinforced the stereotype of Chinese Americans as perpetual foreigners. Chinese Americans have little to do with what goes on in China and even less say.

“So to protest a small minority of people in China they decide to uhh…protest at random people who likely have nothing to do with it?” wrote one person on Facebook.

“Descending upon Chinatown for what’s happening in the actual China itself isn’t exactly….effective or particularly reasonable in my opinion,” said another.


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  1. Diu Ni says:

    RE: Dog eating protestors in Chinatown barking up wrong tree: Americans are unbelievably retarded

  2. Tom says:

    RE: Dog eating protestors in Chinatown barking up wrong tree: Idiots.

  3. RE: Dog eating protestors in Chinatown barking up wrong tree: Also, I assume the organizers are vegan, since millions of animals in the meat and dairy industry suffer the same torture and abuse everyday. Or does compassion only apply to dogs because they’re just so darn cute?

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