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Blog: Too Late to Take Racist I Want to be a Neenja Video Back for Former Miss Oregon

Jennifer Murphy
An Asian woman looks on in pain as Jennifer Murphy performs I Want to Be a Neenja

By Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent

A former Miss Oregon and contestant on The Apprentice is wagging her tail between her legs begging for forgiveness after a video went viral of her mimicking an Asian accent while performing I Want to Be a Neenja.
The performance took place during a launch party in April for her line of Jennifer Murphy Beds.
The song lyrics went on about some guy named Chow with ninja moves who she needed to take down.
All this while an Asian woman watched, stunned at not only what she was seeing, but at the reaction of the audience who cracked smiles and yelled encouragement throughout the song.
I guess when you have a line of beds named after you and you have Murphy’s beauty pageant looks, people tend to be afraid to tell you when you’re making a fool of yourself.
Murphy has since taken the video down from You Tube and offered an apology.
“It is obvious that I had bad judgment and didn’t understand that my attempt at humor would be seen as insensitive or mean-spirited, and I have removed the video from my channels,” said Murphy.
“I want to be a person who is positive and uplifting to others. Clearly in this instance, this has not been the case, and I have learned a valuable lesson.
​”I sincerely apologize to every person that has felt pain and offense because of me, and I ask their forgiveness.”
The apology doesn’t appear to be working. People have taken to Yelp to give her company negative review. Yelp has since taken down those reviews and urged users to post those comments instead on a Yelp bulletin board.


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