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New York Chinatown Turned into Comic Fodder by Bill O’Reilly Sidekick

posted by Louis Chan

Watters World in ChinatownBy Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent

You know anyone who starts their bit with a musical riff from Kung Fu Fighting is up to no good.
But what else would you expect from Bill O’Reilly’s sidekick on Fox News, Jesse Watters? The whole purpose of the segment Watters World is to make fun of people.
Watters followed his use of Kung Fu Fighting with a traditional Chinese bow. You can just envision childish viewers of Fox News giggling at such a sight.
Just a few seconds later, he stops an elderly Chinese woman who obviously doesn’t understand a word he’s saying.
Yet Watters feigns shock that the woman has nothing to say back to him.
He does the same thing to a cigarette smoking Chinese man who does his best to ignore Watters, yet he continues to pepper him with senseless questions.
The piece does include some good responses from some of the people Watters questioned and O’Reilly does comment about how knowledgeable the people seemed, although Watters disagreed.
The best part came at the end when a feisty Chinese American man is asked by Watters how to say “this is my world” in Chinese. The man insists that Watters repeat it with the right tone and inflection.
“You have to say it right, or don’t say it,” the man protests.
O’Reilly knows the segment will upset some people and comments he expects to get a few letters of protest.
“It’s gentle fun,” O’Reilly reminds his viewers.
Fun at who’s expense, I ask.


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