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Asian American Republicans to Celebrate Trump Presidency

posted by Randall
Chinese Americans for Trump

Chinese Americans for Trump gathered at the Republican National Convention this past summer.

A gala organized by several Asian American Republican groups will be held the night of President-elect Trump’s inauguration to celebrate his victory.

The Asian American Gala will be held January 21 at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Washington, D.C.

There’s no word on whether the new President and First Lady will make an appearance.

The event is organized by the Asian American Inaugural Gala Committee, the National Republican Asian Assembly along with several Asian and American business and community leaders.

The gala will also double as a celebration for the Lunar New Year and will include a performance by Korean American soprano Rose Jang.

Post-election surveys show Asian Americans overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton in the general election.

The Republicans have been making an effort to win back Asian American support, believing the values of their party more closely align with those of Asian Americans.

“Our mission is to educate Asian Americans, not just Republican Asian Americans, and the community at large, that we share the same core values with the Republican party,” says Mr. Alfred H. Liu, A.I.A., the NRAA’s National Chairman. “Those values include self-reliance, self-determination, academic achievement, respect for parents and authority, strong families, and respect for tradition and heritage —all values which have historically made America great,” he said.
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  1. C888 says:

    re:Asian American Republicans to celebrate Trump Presidency: When America was great before Asians were NOT allowed in the country, NOT allowed to own land or businesses, NOT allowed to vote, NOT allowed in most Universities, NOT allowed to intermarry. Since the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, America has hated and discriminated against Asians for 100 years. Only in the last 35 years, since the black Civil rights movement have Asians been accepted to live and do business and school in major metropolitan areas. Go to any rural areas or small towns where Trump got his votes and ask Asians there what life is like.
    Recently some elected office Trump supporters argued that the incarceration, placing into prison camps, of innocent Japanese Americans and Japanese immigrants during World War II was justified. All their money and property was lost or confiscated. If there is conflict with China how soon will Trump do to Asians and especially those of Chinese ancestry what he wants to do with Muslims?
    What makes America great is opportunity and justice for all especially the immigrants who made this Nation of Immigrants great.

    1. AsianTrumpSupporter says:

      RE: Asian American Republicans to celebrate Trump Presidency: Asians faring that badly in rural areas, even after 8 years of Obama? Indeed, when the Chinese start beheading Christians, & blowing up people all over the world, maybe we’ll need to look at their immigration to the US, too. Name me a country where minorities can succeed, like they can in America. Stop it with your unpatriotic BS. Go Trump. #MAGA

  2. Ben says:

    RE: Asian American Republicans to celebrate Trump Presidency: What they should state is they don’t agree with all his positions just the core Republican ones and is for equal rights for all.

  3. Ally says:

    RE: Asian American Republicans to celebrate Trump Presidency: As long as we keep our heads buried in the sand and choose not to see the big picture, Trump will do just fine. His agenda isn’t the Republican agenda never has been, never will be.

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