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Racist Rant against Filipino American Caught on Tape

posted by Randall

Dexter Manawat racist rantSometimes you need to hold up a mirror to someone before they realize how stupid they really are.
That’s what a Filipino American man in Las Vegas did to his neighbor after she went on a racist rant over a dispute over the raking of leaves.
“Where did I come from?” Manawat asked her during the heated argument.
“From some piece of s***, Manila-a**, f***** ghetto living under a tarp piece of s**** land,” the woman is heard saying in the video posted on Facebook by Manawat and aired by KTNV in Las Vegas.

Manawat has since taken the video down from Facebook and the neighbor has apologized.
“What I said wasn’t right,” she told KTNV off camera. “I wasn’t raised that way. I was raised better than that and I stooped to the lowest common denominator, I suppose, to hurt somebody because I was angry.”
The woman say she has been threatened since the video became public, but says her apology has nothing to do with being caught.
What do you think? Is her apology sincere? Should Manawat, who accepted the apology, be more skeptical? Share your thoughts below.
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  1. Ramonito says:

    Discrimination, and one in particular racist rant against a pinoy (Filipino), is not going to go away anytime soon here in the United States.. I arrived here in the fifties when I volunteered to enlist as a Filipino citizen into the U.S. Navy at Sangley Point, Cavite. It's true that now it is not as bad as before. Many White folks now are beginning to accept and respect nonwhites as equals. But I certainly experienced all kinds of discrimination and name calling thrown against me being a pinoy, such as: (1) you are not an American, go back to the Philippines where you belong, (2) you slant-eyed moth**f**cker, go home where you come from, (3) you f**cking flip leave this country, (4) you ain't got the right to go out with a White girl, you monkey moth***ker (5) I was arrested and taken to the police station for questioning because I was dating a White girl, and many more bad stuations and cases. As long as there are still White supremacist, and mostly found a home with the Republican Party, racist rant against pinoy won't go away. To answer the question whether the White woman is sincere in her apology, I would venture to say that she meant what she said. She openly apologized that what she said was wrong. For over 60 years now that I have been living here in the United States I have seen progress for the better that more Whites are accepting the reality that we are all equals.

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