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My Encounter with New Assistant White House Press Secretary

Ninio Fatalvo
Ninio Fetalvo

Ninio Fetalvo has been named one of four assistant press secretaries for President Donald Trump.
The 23-year old Filipino American previously served as Asian Pacific American press secretary for the Republican National Committee.
I first met Fetalvo in Las Vegas before the Asian American Pacific Islander Presidential Forum this past August.
Our brief encounter went something like this.
“Hi, I’m Randall with AsAmNews. Thanks for sending me all your news releases.”
Fetalvo barely acknowledged me.
“We just ran a series of blogs from Lisa Shin.”
Shin was a Trump delegate from New Mexico.
Fetalvo managed to feign a small smile, but nothing I could say would break the ice that day.
To be fair, Fetalvo must have felt as if he were in enemy territory. Asian Americans overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton and he no doubt knew that.
“Is Trump sending a representative?” I asked.
“Of course,” interrupted a Trump spokesperson.
At that time, the Trump camp was the only presidential candidate that had not announced if they would be coming. It was widely presumed the Republican nominee would not attend, although organizers for the Forum were confident a surrogate would come.
Turns out that surrogate would be Sean Reyes, Utah’s attorney general.
Fetalvo will earn his money during his time in the White House. The main stream media, which at first was timid about challenging the then Presidential nominee’s mistruths, is now calling the president out on his lies. Hopefully Fetalvo will be smarter than his boss, Sean Spicer, who during his first briefing with the media unwisely slammed them for under reporting the size of the crowd at the inauguration.
White House Press secretaries are expected to defend the president. That’s in their job description. They are also expected to maintain integrity. That means offering their opinions by citing facts. Shading the truth is one thing. Out right lies are another.
I trust Fetalvo is a man of integrity and I look forward to seeing the young man’s career on the rise.
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  1. RE: My encounter with New Assistant White House Press Secretary: Maybe you should learn how to spell before you consider yourself a “journalist.” First off, you spelled Secretary wrong in the headline, in addition to Ninio Fetalvo’s last name throughout this piece of garbage you consider an article. How is anyone supposed to take you seriously? You caught him off guard one time, get over it — it doesn’t mean you have the right to discredit his work and accomplishments just because he works for a President whom you don’t support.

    • RE: My Encounter with New Assistant White House Press Secretary: The errors have been corrected. Thank you. I’ll restate what I ended the piece with: I trust Fetalvo is a man of integrity and I look forward to seeing the young man’s career on the rise.


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