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Vincent Yee’s Valentine’s Day Challenge to Women: #MySexyAsianMan

posted by ShirleyNLew
Vincent Yee’s Valentine’s Day Challenge to Women: #MySexyAsianMan


By Shirley L Ng
AsAmNews New York Correspondent

Haikus with Hotties

Models from Haikus with Hotties

Using the hashtag “#MySexyAsianMan, Vincent Yee of Boston wants to convince everyone that the stereotypes of Asian men are just untrue.


On this Valentine’s Day morning I discovered my friend put out a challenge on Facebook to all the women out there to explain, why their Asian man is “wonderful and sexy.”


“I only thought about this 7:30am this morning. It was like on a whim. In light of all the negative perceptions out there on Asian men and especially following what Steve Harvey said and then more recently what Chloe Bennet said about Asian men, I wanted to do something positive for my Asian brothers, ” Yee said in our interview.


Asian men seemingly tend to be seen as a geeks, not masculine, weak and just not sexy. But, we know Asian men are actually romantic, hot, athletic and strong.  


In January, TV Host Steve Harvey caused an outrage on his show.  On an episode about dating books, TV Host, Steve Harvey said offensive comments on national television, “’Excuse me, do you like Asian men?’ ‘No.’ ‘Thank you.” Harvey was quickly attacked on twitter and the public wanted him to resign.  Huffington Post responded with a list of  “21 Fine-As-Hell Asian Men Who Will Make You Swoon and Then Some.”


Women, how do you define your Asian man? Take up Yee’s challenge and don’t forget to use “#MySexyAsianMan” hashtag so that he’ll will be able to search for it on Facebook.  The Prize is a $100 donation to your favorite non-profit, a win-win situation for everyone.


On the Facebook thread, one of Yee’s male friends wanted the contest to extend to men to do the same for Asian women.


Yee’s response, “For this particular writing contest, I want to hear from the women.”


Ladies, don’t wait! The deadline is February 17. Now let’s get hearing to how you define sexy in your Asian man! 


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  1. Fred Chin says:

    Re: Vincent Yee’s Valentine’s Day Challenge to women. #MySexyAsianMab:challenge to ????? “For this particular writing contest, I want to hear from the women.” ?????
    This is very SEXist! Unless Asian men can comfortably seek support, accept support, and offer support from other Asian men…….Asian men will remain the object of ridicule at the lowest totem level among the races………..

  2. RE: Vincent Yee’s Valentine’s Day Chalenge to Women #MySexyasianMan: Great idea! Here’s my submission!


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